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my workplace doesn't broadcast the network SSID and uses a hidden SSID. I configured and added the SSID into my android phone alongwith the password. The wifi is not connecting at all. But connecting without any problems to a network with broadcasted SSID. please help...

asked 07 Jun '10, 01:26

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I have the same issue with 3 different android phones. I have seen some attempts at answers, there is a hidden ssid app on the market but it doesn't work on the Moto Droid, Evo or google ion.

(09 Jul '10, 12:12) Cloudycity

Good news to the android community!!

Android 2.2 or Froyo has fixed the hidden wireless SSID issue. My friend has verified that he is able to connect to the wireless which is set NOT to broadcast the SSID. Hurrah!!.

But i'm still wondering why it took so long to fix this common issue, anyway great job google team.


answered 04 Aug '10, 23:23

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just go to wifi settings and mark the Network notification option ... if wifi doesn't find the open network then just factory reset your phone. ... facebook.com/nasamind


answered 07 Aug '11, 16:15

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