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I am having a android phone and like to know if it is locked or unlocked? it is a t-mobile phone.

asked 17 Jun '10, 23:34

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Use a different provider's SIM card and if the phone is NOT unlocked, it will prompt for unlock code. If the phone is already unlocked, the phone will start and display the menu without prompting for any code.

For example use AT&T Sim on a T-Mobile locked phone or vice versa.


answered 20 Jun '10, 15:28

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yes,it is the right way that you can know it is locked or unlocked.

(03 Jul '13, 17:38) rhl15

To know your Android phone is locked (or) unlocked: Switch on your mobile phone with a sim card from a network other than the T-Mobile network. If you are able to use the phone, you can be sure that your phone is not locked. If your phone displays an error message saying "Wrong sim" or "Incorrect sim" or "Emergency calls only", etc., then your phone is probably locked.

If it is locked phone visit the site TheUnlockSpot.com here they are providing the unlock code at low cost with easy step by step unlocking instructions and unlock it.This is the safe,fast and permanent unlocking method.


answered 27 Jun '13, 06:05

MuthuChellamEnnaPannathuSapudu's gravatar image

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